Einladung zum Gastvortrag "Public opinions across European democracies; Measurement, configuration and patterns of variance"

Im Rahmen des Institutskolloqiums spricht am Mittwoch (24.01.2018) Steven van Hauwaert, PhD. Er ist derzeit Alexander von Humboldt Fellow am Bereich Innenpolitik und Politische Soziologie und spricht

um 18 Uhr s.t., Raum 01-611 im Georg-Forster-Gebäude

über erste Ergebnisse eines internationalen Forschungsprojektes zum Thema "Global Public Opinions Project (GPOP)" http://www.gpop.eu/. Alle Mitglieder des Instituts und insbesondere die MA-Studierenden sind herzlich eingeladen.

Abstract: The Global Public Opinions Project (GPOP) is a cooperative international research effort that seeks to advance the knowledge and measurement of public opinion across the world. It sets out to design unique public opinion measures, compare its configuration across contexts and provide insights into the patterns of variance of public opinion within and between countries. In doing so, GPOP also creates a truly global and universal collection of comparative public opinions data that comprises survey responses from a wide range of cross-national and national-level sources. This allows us to evaluate and re-examine standing theories and principles about how public opinion might react to exogenous changes, as well as the interconnection between public opinion, policy and political decision-making.

This particular presentation will provide some more detailed insights into the project’s scope, its analytical approach and its proposed theoretical framework. It will also present initial comparative results (with a particular focus on Germany) regarding the modeling of public opinion in certain issue domains, such as immigration. Building on this, this presentation provides some initial insights into three factors that might explain public opinion towards immigration, namely immigration itself, economic conditions and immigration policy.

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